French Wine Salon and Social Enterprise in North Richmond serving wines from around the globe, organic cheeses and sustainable charcuterie.


We're currently operating as a temporary French Corner Store with baguettes, croissants, terrines, takeaway lunches and other delicacies to go with our amazing cheeses and wines.

Pop-Up Corner Store

Wed - Sun, 12 - 6pm



Our story begins with our irrepressibly creative and passionate co-founder and Head Sommelier Vianney Establet. Vianney was born in prime Bordeaux terroir with wine in his veins, coming from a family of winemakers going back five generations. He has practiced and honed his craft in some of the finest establishments across the world, including London’s Garrick Club, Corsica’s 2-michelin star restaurant Casadelmar, and Melbourne’s Vue de Monde. V Wine Salon is the culmination of a six-year journey that began with a humble conversation in Bordeaux’s Bar au Vin that Vianney was managing at the time, and brings to life his philosophy and ideas about food and wine: that amazing wine should be accessible, that hospitality should be about people, and that artists and small scale producers should be celebrated over labels and brands. We are proud to be able to showcase his talent for curating incredible lists of food and wine and matching them to each other.

V is for Vianney. V is also for vin, French for wine. V is for vie, French for life. And V is for Victoria Street, which we have made our home.

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V Wine Salon, as part of ValueLab.Co’s Feed the World Project, is a social enterprise concerned with the intersection of wine and climate change and financially supports responsible winemakers and wineries as well as climate change and food security organisations.

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