Sunday March 7,2021

1:00pm - 2:30pm

5 wines and a plate of French delicacies for $49 per person

Taste five single vineyard wines and a plate of French delicacies matched perfectly to each wine.

Travel to France without leaving Melbourne by tasting a range of wine by M. Chapoutier, a famous French winemaker renowned for his outstanding Rhone Valley vineyards and his recent projects all over France.

A fun, interactive and educational event led by a duo of passionate French wine experts: Vianney Establet, co-founder and head sommelier of V Wine Salon, and Amelie Andre, Chapoutier Wines brand ambassador.

(Bottles of the wine tasted will be available for purchase exclusively for class members at special takeaway prices, and get 15% off your total a la carte bill if your party stays on after the class.)

Special Event

Tour de France with Chapoutier Wines

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